BILLBOARDS FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM

If you are an investor and you are looking for a higher ROI this could be the right business for you. Like any other business you are going to need expert advice to get you there. You need a consultant and the right billboards if you want to build a real " Billboard Cash Machine." You also need a team of experts, I have over 46+ years of experience in outdoor advertising business to share with you and a team of experts to find, build and also manage your digital for you. I have built, bought and sold billboards, billboard plants both national and international.

A digital billboard on a great location can give you 5 to 10 times the return on revenue as a conventional billboard. A good location can give you a 100% return on your original investment in 18 to 36 months with the right management.

So consider this you have your 100% return on investment in 18 to 36 months, you have another 17 years left on your property lease, you are going to be making another 600% or more on your investment. If you own the property already, you are even further ahead. That same original investment can depreciate and write off another 100% on your Federal
Income taxes over the next 5-7 years. Can you do that with your stock and bonds or money market?  

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                      Ted Turner  Forbes  #212.                                                              Dean White Forbes #242.

Including Auturo Moreno and John Klug. All were billboard Investors, all became billionaires. There is many, many more out there who made fortunes in outdoor advertising; these four prove my point, outdoor advertising is a very lucrative business.

I will show you how to cash in on one of the greatest opportunities and best-kept secrets in the business world of Outdoor Billboard Advertising. Outdoor billboard advertising in the United States has been around over 100 years. Today it generates
over seven billion dollars in revenue annually.  

Billboard Advertising is an international business that works in any major advertising market.

Outdoor Advertising in America survived The Great Depression, several smaller recessions, good presidents, bad presidents,
two world wars, Korea War, Vietnam, and all the other mess in the middle east since. Amazingly It is still going strong, and many investors out are there are making serious returns on their investment at this time. Recessions come and go while many investors
take advantage of the low prices during a recession and make millions when the economy returns.

Today Digital outdoor billboards are money generators, digital billboard placed on the right locations are raking 6 to 8 time the revenues as static billboards. These electronic digital billboards are natural cash flow machines placed on the right location. If you are the kind of investor who thinks outside the box and wants to make the big bucks this is for you.

To be successful in outdoor advertising you don't have to go to work at a billboard plant and learn the business of outdoor advertising from the ground up as I did, I took the hit for you, you don't have to spend 40 plus years learning a new trade and reinvent the wheel, I will show you how to bypass the learning curve and get straight to the business of making money. Remember the last car you bought? You did not have to know how it worked all you had to do was get in turn the key on and drive it, that is how easy we have made it to build your own outdoor advertising business. All you need to know now is how to spot a good opportunity when you see it, I will show you how to build your own outdoor billboard cash flow machine. A billboard place in the right location can give you as much as a 100% capital investment return in as little as 18 to 36 months and provide you with a great cash flow income for many years to come. Whether you want to build one billboard to supplement your income, or you want to build a company I can show you how. Did you know If you go with a digital billboards in the right location, they can generate from $16,000.00 to $80,000.00 per month, even more depending on its location. No, not all billboard locations can do this, that is why you don't go this investment alone in the beginning, you will need some expert professional advice to get started, contact my company and we help you jump-start your new outdoor advertising business. Email me and I will send you absolutely free, several article I have written to help you have a better understanding of how you can make money in outdoor billboard advertising. My email is:
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By Thomas "Tom" Gunter

"A Professional Service of Billboard Brokers of America, LLC"
                                                                                    Did You Know?

Four of Forbes 400 Wealthiest Men in America launched their way into history to become billionaire using Outdoor Advertising Billboards
as a springboard into their fortunes?
Does your banker or stock broker still gaze into a crystal ball?


                                               I Want to Show You How Make Higher Returns On Your Investments!

  • How to Buy a Billboard
  • How to Sell a Billboard
  • How to Buy a Billboard Property Lease
  • How to Sell a Billboard Property Lease
  • How to Find Billboard Property For Lease
  • How to Lease Billboard Property
  • How to Find Billboard Investments

If you want to get into the outdoor advertising business there is a few basics you should know first, here at Billboard Brokers of America, LLC
we like to educate our clients in the art of buying and selling billboards as they move forward. We have over 50 years in the industry to share
our knowledge and experience with you.  

Request my free article on "The 8 Most asked Question by New Billboard Buyers"                                                        
Thomas Gunter
Did You Know?

Bill Gates started Microsoft during a recession?
                                                  BILLBOARD INVESTMENTS

I recently had an investor contact my company he had did the numbers and said he would like to retire in 5 years, he
wanted our company to me to build for him find him a "Digital Billboard Cash Flow Machines" that could do just that. It
took us awhile to match him up with the right billboard property and get him started. The first one cost him $228,000.00
plus change, it was not long before we had his digital billboard fired up and running. Less than two months later I had
another clients offer to buy his "Digital Billboard Cash Machine" for $1,300,000.00. You do the math... Is this a great
business or what?  Does this happen everyday? No... But it does happen frequently when you hire the company. I
am looking for the next million dollar success story, could that possibly be you?  

Like I said this is a very lucrative business if you know what you are doing. I want to teach you how the magic is done.
You can't just build one of these anywhere and expect it to make money, in the beginning you need an experienced
billboard consulting and research company to help.

Most any good electronic billboard company
can build and install you a digital billboard, if you want to make money
you need to take it to the next level and hire a professional digital billboard consulting and development  company, one
that knows what they are doing, one that can that can help you turn your investment into a "Billboard Cash Flow Machine".
Digital billboards can make you a lot of money if know what you are doing, if you don't you are going to need a professional
to help you find you the right digital investment property. It is common for a digital billboard in the right location to make
$16,000.00 to $80,000.00 a month and more in the right location, under the right management. There is consultants out
there that say they can, why take the chance and the risk when you can hire one of the oldest and most reliable in the
business. Billboard Brokers of America, LLC  is a turnkey billboard and digital billboard management company. We don't
just consult we will also deliver the product and teach you how to run it. Don't want to run it we will stay on an manage it
for you and even help yourself the advertising.

We offer the following services:

1) We are a Billboard Consulting and Research company.  We will show you step by step how the magic is done.
2) We will help you find the Billboard Property that is right for you.
3) We will custom build your Billboard or Digital  Billboard "Cash Flow Machine" for you.
4) We will also show you how to manage your billboards or we will manage them for you.
Yes he did! He seen the glass as half full not half empty and recognized it as an opportunity and seized the moment. He is an optimist.
Don't ever think you can't do something until you try. If you can visualize it and you believe in it you can make it happen.

When someone tell you "No, you can't do it" let that be the fuel that adds flames to the fires of your ambitions. Set your goals high and
as you reach each one set the bar even higher and you will be surprised how much you can accomplish within your lifetime. Take it to
the next level and go one step even higher and become a visionary, that will separate you from the crowd and excel you beyond your

Let me give you one single idea that has made many men very wealthy, it is the same idea that was the springboard that inspired at
least 4 very well know men on to the Fortune 400 list.  That springboard to success was billboards, outdoor advertising billboards. You
can keep it simple and build a small business to supplement your income or you can build an outdoor advertising empire. The principles
are basically the same.

If you are a positive thinker, willing to listen and have what it takes, I can show you how the magic is done. It is up to you to make it
happen. No, you don't have to be wealthy but you do need to be smart and by that I mean common sense smart.
"If you want to be  a millionaire you have to think like one"   
By Thomas  "Tom" Gunter
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Thomas Gunter CEO
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